Two reasons Why

Date Sun 28 May 2017 By Elvis Category misc.


With all the advancement of technology around us, many people wondered if they would still take supplements like how it was being advertised in There is no question about it because we are living everyday so we are using nutrients and minerals of our body everybody.


It wastes away so we need to replenish it by taking in more than just a healthy diet. We have enough reasons why it is very important that we take into consideration to feed our body supplements to complement our diet. One of the reasons is that there had been many changes in our agriculture today that had affected so much the quality of the produce that we harvest and put on our table. We know how modernization affects the quality of the soil that had adverse effect on the health of the food that we grow on it.


Another reason is due to transient of the food produce that makes its nutrients degrade away as time goes by during travel. The vitamins and minerals on this food produce waste away during the travel time that by the time it arrives on our table, it already lacks the nutrients that our body need. We have to take these all in consideration.